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Emergent offers both contract and direct placement services. Whether you’re looking for temporary contractors or long-term employees, we use our unmatched screening process to ensure that you’re getting the top professionals in the field.  

Contract and direct placement both have their advantages. You may find that direct placement is best for some positions, while contract is most suitable for others.  

Direct placement

Direct placement means that we recruit and qualify candidates to join your team as full-time employees. If you have a tough-to-fill position, we can source, screen, interview, and fill the role for a one-time fee.  

We start by working with you to understand your company culture, job requirements, and desired skill set for the position. Then we advertise the job on top job boards and build a list of applicants. Only a select few make it through our rigorous screening process — these proven experts are the candidates we present to you.  

Direct placement is a good fit for companies looking for a long-term team member who’s fully invested in your company. It helps you avoid the disruptions caused by turnover and gives you access to a wider pool of talent.  

We’re focused on finding the perfect long-term employee for your company, not just someone who checks the boxes of a job description. Our matches are guaranteed – if it’s not a good fit, we’ll find someone else or offer you a refund.  

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Contractors are temporary employees who join your company for a fixed period of time. These tech pros are on our payroll but function as full members of your team for the duration of the contract.  

Our contract option lets you build a flexible workforce that you can ramp up and down as needed. Contract candidates go through the same screening and interview process as direct placement hires, so you can be sure they’re the best in the industry. Since we’ve already screened them to ensure that they have the necessary skills, they can ramp up their work quickly. Our easy onboarding process means they can start in just a few days.  

Consider the contract option if you have a short-term need or if you expect the skillsets you require to change in the near future. If the contractor turns out to be a good fit, you can sometimes bring them on as a full-time employee through our contract-to-hire option.   

Contractors get competitive benefits from us, so your new team members are sure to be happy with their comp package.  

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