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When you work with us, we take care of every step of the recruiting process for you. The hard work will be off your plate, but you won’t be left out of the loop. We’ll meet with you regularly while guiding you through our full-service hiring process.

Step 1: Job Role Consultation

Before we get started looking for exceptional candidates, we work with you to craft the perfect candidate profile and job description.  

First, we consult on the current talent market trends, including salary range and competitiveness. Then we talk to you about your job requirements to make sure our job listing will reach the right people for the role.  

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Step 2. Source, Screen, and Evaluate Candidates

Finding the best candidates starts with putting your job ad in front of as many skilled people as possible. We broaden the reach of our search by advertising your position on top job boards, including ads in up to 40 markets across the United States for remote positions. 

Many staffing services don’t go beyond screening resumes for relevant bullet points, but we offer a rigorous vetting process to ensure that you’re only getting top tier candidates. We evaluate hundreds of applicants for each role using a unique process of online assessments, challenges, and interviews.  

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Step 3: Build Strong Connections

We build strong connections between your company and the candidate by establishing trust on both sides. The talented individuals that make it through our process want to be sure that they’ll be working for a great company. We act as your representative throughout the process, presenting your organization’s strengths to the candidates.  

We also nurture the relationship with candidates by building rapport and interest in your position. Our influential candidate relationships ultimately lead to acceptance of any offer made to your chosen candidate. 

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Step 4: Certify and Deliver Talent

Once we’ve narrowed the pool down to the most impressive candidates, we deliver their profiles to you. Each of these applicants are certified top talent thanks to our screening process.  

The profile for each candidate includes our full notes from the evaluation process along with their resumes so that you know everything we know about them. We’ll take care of scheduling candidate interviews with you.  

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Step 5: Offer, Hire, and Onboarding Support

After you’ve identified the perfect candidate for the role, just send the offer to us — we’ll take care of everything, including working with HR and other teams to coordinate a smooth onboarding.  

Your consultants are in good hands with us. We provide them with great benefits and check in regularly to make sure their time with your company is successful. 

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